2021 Speakers

Editor - Writer - Post Production

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn’t really realize that movies and television had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production and Graphic Design he was in one of the early graduating classes at the Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that time at Watkins he discovered editing. While most of his classmates in film school wanted to be directors, Scott saw real career opportunities in post-production and took a job as an assistant editor after completing film school. Not long after that he became a freelance editor. With nearly 20 years of experience in all areas of post-production Scott has worked both as a freelancer and on staff at a post-house. He has edited a diverse number of projects ranging from music videos, to live concert productions, to commercials, to documentaries and everything in between. When not working in the edit suite Scott teaches other about editing and writes about post-production at The Editblog on ProVideoCoalition.com, a blog which he has published for over 10 years.

Apple Distinguished Educator

Steven Douglass

Steve Douglass is an Apple Distinguished Educator who has taught New Media at Lake Forest High School on the North Shore of Chicago since 2005. Steve created showNtell as an effort to democratize the video storytelling process he learned while at ESPN producing highlights for SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight and ESPNews. ShowNtell was first an iOS app, and is now a fully customizable process and structure based on what Steve learned from producing over 10,000 student videos. It has enabled students to tell their personal story authentically to their specific audience. This was proven at a regional level through the Chicago Summer Stories program and now with remote learning, it can transform student learning around the world.

Director, Producer, Editor

Kim Furst

Kim Furst is a director, producer and film editor who has has been trusted consistently with A list talent to bring her distinctive brand of visual poetry and story structure to the screen. After editing and structuring 2006’s iconic “Made on a Mac” film ONE SIX RIGHT, Furst joined the Editor’s Guild, and her work caught the eye of Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford, both of which she has since worked with on numerous doc and branded projects.

As a producer and supervising editor, Kim helped earn Paramount Pictures a Golden Satellite Award for the behind the scenes for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, after which she supervised documentaries for multiple other tentpole features — then founded Kilo Foxtrot Films.

FLYING THE FEATHERED EDGE was listed by FLYING Magazine as one of the top aviation films of all time. Her latest feature doc, currently in post, THE LAST GRANDMASTER, chronicles the head of the Bujinkan, the 34th Grandmaster of Ninjitsu, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, a Japanese National Treasure.

On the narrative front, Kim recently re-created 1827 in Jackson Browne’s childhood home for MISS BROOKE, starring Chelsea Alden (13 Reasons Why), lensed by Denis Moran (Mad Men) and Tammy Fouts (AVATAR 2, 3), sound mixed by Academy Award winner Gary Rizzo (Inception, Dunkirk), color timed by Jan Yarbrough (Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter series.)

Kim serves on the Executive Board of the Alliance of Women Directors, where she founded their flagship “Works in Progress” program sponsored by Canon and FotoKem.

Founder/Lead Creative, Catania Group

Cirina Catania

Cirina Catania, is one of the co-founders and former director of the Sundance Film Festival and former Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at MGM-UA and United Artists. She is Founder/Lead Creative at the Catania Group est. circa 1989, Host of OWC RADiO and partner, Lumberjack System, as well as Tech Ambassador for companies such as Blackmagic Design, Zeiss, etc.. She is a long-time member of the Producers Guild, Writers Guild, Cinematographers Guild, the National Press Club, National Press Photographer’s Association, and more. She has worked as a writer, director, supervising producer, cinematographer, post-producer, or marketing exec on over 150 film, television and new media projects for the big screen as well as for networks such as National Geographic and Discovery. Cirina is based in San Diego, D.C. and Berlin when she is not on the road filming in the Amazon or other exotic locations. She is very proud of the fact that she has not yet contracted Malaria and that after all these years, she still loves her job!

Intellectual Property & Startups Specialist

Seth Polansky

Seth C. Polansky, a contracts, intellectual property, and start-up specialist, founded the professional firm Seth Polansky LLC in 2005. Through both this firm and his corporate experience, he has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding practice. In addition to working with private corporations, government and state agencies, he has counseled small businesses and artists in securing copyright, trademark and other intellectual property protection, and aided them in navigating contracts. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Contract and Procurement Law at the University of Maryland University College.

In his spare time, Seth is programmer and bass player for his band blindtillnow, and works as a producer, composer, sound designer or location mixer/sound recordist on independent films. For more information on Seth, visit sethpolanskylaw.com.

Tech Talk America

David Cox

David A. Cox is the one-man crew behind the YouTube Channel, Tech Talk America (690k subs), where he has created over 550 tutorials to teach Apple users how to get the most out of their Apple products. He recently launched a new podcast, The Creative Source, where he interviews creative professionals around the world about their process. David is also recognized for his Droning Provincetown videos (DroningProvincetown.com) where he has chronicled LGBTQ life in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

CEO / Editor-in-Chief, This Week In Photo (TWiP)

Frederick Van Johnson

Frederick has been a professional photographer since 1989, and he is also a passionate entrepreneur and marketer.

He is the host and Editor-in-Chief of “This Week in Photo aka TWiP”, one of the world’s most popular photography podcasts, and also the founder of TWiP PRO, a highly engaged and exclusive community of photographers.

Frederick began his career as a Combat Photojournalist in the United States Air Force, where he served for 8 years and was decorated multiple times for his work in the field. Frederick’s squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base was among the first in the armed forces to receive and put into daily action DSLR camera equipment. As a result, Frederick was awarded the prestigious Air Force Commendation medal for his key role in facilitating the USAF’s transition from film-based photography to digital.

After the military, Frederick went on to study visual communication and marketing at the University of California in Santa Barbara, California, ultimately becoming Chairman of the Board at Brooks Institute of Photography.

An Apple alum, Frederick was also instrumental in the development of iPhoto, Aperture Apple’s award-winning photo management application.

Today he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues to make photographs, record the podcast, and binge on Netflix whenever possible.

Certified Adobe, Apple, and Avid trainer

Nick Harauz

Nick Harauz is a certified Adobe, Apple, and Avid trainer.

Nick has an uncanny ability to engage his students and create a level of relatedness that keeps them coming back for more. Since 2002, Nick has also worked with domestic and international brands, offering a wide variety of video production and motion graphic services. He has worked with clients such as Proctor & Gamble, Diageo, Virgin Mobile, Nando’s, Visa and Blackberry.

In 2013, Nick wrote his first book on Apple Motion 5, which is available on Amazon. He spoke at Adobe MAX in 2018 for Adobe and at the launch of CC 2014 in Toronto . Currently, Nick is writing a book in Photoshop for 2021. When he is not teaching, travelling, or creating video content, Nick can be found on his new e-bike.

Apple Certified Trainer, Training Brisbane

Iain Anderson

Iain Anderson is a trainer and freelance editor based in Brisbane, Australia. Among other things, Iain is the author of Final Cut Pro X: Efficient Editing, an Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro X, a lead trainer for macProVideo.com, a tutorial creator for coremelt.com, a videographer, an editor, an animator, a writer, a designer, and occasionally a coder of Apple Watch and iPad apps. In the past he’s created animations and live videos for Microsoft, virtual islands in Second Life for government, and screensavers for fun.

Cinematographer, Producer, Apple Certified Trainer, Capture.ink

Lee Herbet

Cinematographer, Producer and Apple Certified Trainer, Capture.ink —- Lee Herbet is a filmmaker and educator. Through his company, Capture.ink, he and his team have helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their stories. He loves teaching and delivers workshops all over the world. He writes for a number of online photography and video sties on topics ranging from reviews to “how to” articles. He is also a certified Final Cut Pro Master Trainer.


Creative Partner of Ripple Training

Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer is a creative partner of Ripple Training, where he has trained thousands of people on production and post-production techniques through classes, workshops, YouTube videos, and online training products. He is also a bay-area based producer, editor, teacher and writer. Mark is an Apple-certified instructor for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, a Blackmagic-certified instructor for Davinci Resolve and the author or coauthor of 5 books on Motion and FinalMark Spencer is a creative partner with Ripple Training, producing tutorials and plugins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Davinci Resolve. He is a video producer, editor, trainer and writer, and is the author or coauthor of 5 books on Motion and Final Cut Pro, including the Apple Pro Training Series Motion 5.

FCP Summit Program Manager

Jeff Greenberg

Jeff I. Greenberg has nearly two decades of experience as a Post-Production consultant and Master Instructor (trainer for other trainers) for Adobe, Apple, and Avid, specializing in the areas of editorial, workflow, compositing, sound, color grading and compression.

Jeff is the owner of JGreenberg Consulting and for a decade was the Principal Instructor for Future Media Concepts. Consistently voted as one of the top seminar speakers/interviewers, audience’s feedback includes depth of subjects covered, approachability and student-centered teaching that helps keep them up to date on industry standards. Jeff teaches seminars at events such as NAB, IBC, CES and Inter BEE. He’s the chair for the Editors Retreat, an annually held exclusive getaway for editors.

Award-Winning Writer / Producer / Director

Abba Shapiro

Abba Shapiro is an Adobe and Apple Master Trainer, certifying university and training center instructors to teach Adobe Premiere Pro. Abba is an award-winning writer/producer/director. He has worked for a wide range of commercial, corporate and federal clients, including: USA Today, NASCAR, The Associated Press, NASA, Univision, Major League Baseball, Showtime, Viacom, The Discovery Channel, and CNN. Over the past 15 years Abba has created on-line training courses covering everything from Video Editing and Color Correction to how to shoot, light, and edit an interview. His courses air on CreativeLive, LinkedIn Learning, and RippleTraining. He is also the author of several video editing books. Abba also is a regular speaker at several international broadcasting conferences including NAB, IBC, InterBee, Photoshop World, and AdobeMAX. Some of the courses he teaches include, Video Editing, Scriptwriting, and all aspects of Video Production. When Abba is not bouncing around the globe teaching and consulting, he is probably following his passion, chasing light and shooting photos

Editor | Writer | Director

Mike Matzdorff

Mike Matzdorff is currently editing animation in Hollywood. He’s also a dutiful Dad and aspiring voice over artist.

Mike entered the Final Cut Pro X community as the 1st Assistant editor on “Focus” – the first major film edited on Apple’s Final Cut X software and wrote a book on the experience loaded with real world tips, tricks, and proven workflow techniques. The book is listed on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Resources page.

His other credits include: “Young Justice 3,” “Looney Tunes,” “Fight Club” and “Analyze This,” among others. He is an author, public speaker and post-production trailblazer and is currently knee-deep in his fourth screenplay entitled “June in New York” — an animated feature film.

Find him on Twitter @mikematzdorff or @fcpxfeatures.

lead contributor for FCP.co, the CEO of We Make Movies, and founder of LumaForge

Sam Mestman

Sam Mestman is the lead contributor for FCP.co, the CEO of We Make Movies, and the founder of LumaForge.  He’s had all the jobs and done all the things… but and more than anything… he’s a guy who likes making movies, telling stories, and making the film industry faster, better, and cheaper.  His current passion is teaching the world video literacy through the We Make Movies Smartphone Studio Program.  You can follow him on IG/Twitter at @sammestman.  You can see his film community at @wemakemovies or www.wemakemovies.org.

Owner of Cre8ive Beast, Workflow Architect at Hedge, and host of FCP.co Live Sessions

Felipe Baez

Felipe is the owner of Cre8ive Beast, a small creative agency in Prague, Czech Republic. He works as an Editor, Workflow Architect and Postproduction consultant helping clients improve their postproduction processes efficiency and enabling remote collaborative workflows. Most recently Felipe worked as a Workflow Consultant and Lead Assistant Editor for a 6 part documentary series for HBO titled “Q: Into the Storm”. Previous to starting his own creative agency, Felipe worked at McKinsey & Company and then at Accenture as a Creative Producer and Head of Post Production for Accenture Productions. His team was involved in over 2000 Live Broadcast events per year across an organization of 450.000+ employees. He led a team of Editors in 4 countries and created workflows that allowed his team to collaborate and handover projects every day, delivering over 400 videos a month.

Video Producer · Editor · Content Creator

Sasha Williams

Sasha Williams is a professional video producer, editor, and content creator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Sasha has been a powerhouse producer at SL\CE Editorial for nearly a decade, guiding thousands of video projects from concept to completion for major corporate clients, and empowering a strong talent pool of fellow producers, editors, animators, videographers, and creatives to do their best work. 

Most recently, Sasha is the founder of Create Illuminate, where you can find a digital treasure trove of resources for video professionals who want to work smarter & take their careers to the next level. Don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel!


Creative Director for We Make Movies Creative Services

Steve LaMorte

Steven LaMorte is the Creative Director for We Make Movies Creative Services, a Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in Remote Branded Content Production. Steven moved to Los Angeles to make his feature film directing debut “Never Leave Alive” starring WWE Superstar John Morrison and Joseph Gatt (Dumbo, Thor). His other features include Christmas movie, “One Stop Away” starring James Boland (HBO’s Vinyl) and WWF legend Rowdy Roddy Piper’s final film in 3D, “Fighting with Fire”.

In 2019, Steven directed Miss World America in Las Vegas, Nevada, which aired for a global audience of over 100 million people in over 30 countries. Steven has been nominated for various industry and festival awards for his various commercial and new media productions.