Meet Kim Furst

Speaker Kim Furst
Speaker Kim Furst

Kim Furst joins the Final Cut Pro Summit

Kim Furst is a director, producer and film editor who has has been trusted consistently with A list talent to bring her distinctive brand of visual poetry and story structure to the screen. After editing and structuring 2006’s iconic “Made on a Mac” film ONE SIX RIGHT, Furst joined the Editor’s Guild, and her work caught the eye of Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford, both of which she has since worked with on numerous doc and branded projects.

Kim’s sessions and panel discussions at the Final Cut Pro Summit offers insight to documentary editing and production.

Upcoming Sessions Include:

Crafting Stories: Documentary Storytelling with Final Cut Pro

Be a PREDITOR with FCP: Produce, Direct, and Edit Branded Content in Volume

View Kim's Work Including "Flying the Feathered Edge" which won the Combs Gates Award.

The FCP Summit is a 6-day event designed to inspire content creators around the globe. Join fellow creatives as they share how they use Apple tools to tell their stories.