How it Works

The conference is delivered LIVE using Zoom‘s desktop sharing platform, to facilitate an interactive, educational experience. 

To access the Live Sessions, you must download our FCPX Global Virtual Summit event app which is available on web browser & mobile.

 Use the same email you used to register with to gain access! 

If you did not register, please do so here.

How to Watch a Session

  1. All session zoom links can be found within each session inside the Event App!
  2. Click a session and it will say “Video Stream”. This will change to “Join Live Stream” and will be an active button 15 minutes before the session.
  3. Enter your email (same as your Eventbrite registration) and you’re all set!

For optimal viewing experience, we recommend that you watch your sessions via your web browser.

Attend via Web Browser

We suggest you attend your training sessions via the web browser app.

Connect via Mobile App

You can connect with attendees, speakers, and sponsors via the mobile app.

Simply log in with your Eventbrite registration email and create your account profile

After doing so, you may build your event agenda, book meetings with sponsors, engage with speakers & fellow attendees all week long.

To attend live sessions, launch the training session in Zoom via our event app and you will be able to view your instructor and their screen will be shared with you so that you can see their workflow in real time. 

Attendees will have streaming access to recordings of all sessions for up to 90 days after the event.

How To 1 - Log into The App
How To 2 - FCPX Speakers