15-second Film Festival

Calling all storytellers!
We challenge you to create a short 15-second film.

With the exciting news surrounding the iPhone 13, mobile filmmaking is going to become EVEN MORE revolutionary.
We encourage attendees to break away from their preferred desktop NLE software to fully embrace mobile filmmaking and this exercise in creativity.
The problem with large professional projects (or personal projects) is our fear of failure.
The 15-second film festival was created to help you be more creative by taking away that fear.
LumaFusion screenshot

Be Daring - Aim to fail!

Don’t worry about success.
Think of this as a sketchbook – a place to play and practice.

Q: Does it really have to be 15 seconds?
      No, you can go up to a minute.

Q: What else should I know?
      You have to shoot on mobile. No RED cameras, please.

There are two sets of prizes: Edited on Mobile, Edited on Desktop.

In association with the team behind MotionVFX & LumaTouch, we are hosting a special “Edit on Mobile” contest with the following prize giveaways for our film festival winners:

*Note the above mLUTs are compatible with LumaFusion!

Film Festival Winners will be announced on the Saturday Night Wrap/Farewell Party!

Contest Rules

You could tell any story you want.  
  • You must shoot your video on mobile (We love the new Cinematic Features in the iPhone 13 Pro)
  • Edited on Mobile:
    • Shoot & Edit on mobile You may use editing apps like LumaFusion(iOS only) or any other mobile video editing software for your Apple or Android mobile device. 
    • You must also upload a screenshot of your timeline in your mobile too.
  • Edited on Desktop
    • Shoot on mobile, edit in FCP (or iMovie.).
  • Export as if you were uploading to YouTube as an h264(MOV, MP4 or M4V.)
    • Make sure you title your filmYOURNAME_FCPGS2021_TITLE OF FILM
      • EX: JeffGreenberg_FCPGS2021_Earlyinthemorning.mov
    • Mobile entry – make sure to include a screenshot of your editing software timeline: JeffGreenberg_FCPGS2021_Earlyinthemorning_Lumafusion.png
  • The Grand Prize will be awarded during the Saturday Night “Wrap/Farewell Party” Note: The winner does not need to be present during the announcement. 
  • Submissions are due by Saturday at 3 PM EST (because we have to watch and rate them!)

Film Festival Prizes Include:

Apple iPad Pro 

(value $1,399.00) 

Courtesy of LumaTouch


1 copy of mLUT Cine

(Value: $89.00)

Courtesy of MotionVFX

1 copy of mLUT Movie II

(Value: $89) 

Courtesy of MotionVFX

View This Year's Submissions

Thank you to our Film Festival Sponsors